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PS/MS 129 John H Finley‚Äč

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Principal Odelphia H. Pierre

425 West 130th St New York, NY


Special Services and Programs That We Offer:

Coach Bill, from Asphalt Green's recess enhancement program, comes every Monday and demos engaging games that will keep the kids moving all winter long! Thanks Coach Bill!

We would like to thank the Optical Academy for coming to our school November 30, 2017 and offering free and/or affordable eye exams!

Related Services

Mr. Vargas - ESL

Ms. Luna - Attendance 


Mr. Edwards

Mr. Quinton

Does Everything


Nilsa, Lionel and Lanora

Ms. McDaniel, School Psychologist

Ms. Mendez - Guidance,

Kaneisha Wynn - PTA President

Ms. Rowell - Parent Coordinator

Ms. Burns Social Worker

Carolyn Kaplan - Physical Therapist

Kharol Crisostomo - OT

Diana Gonzalez - Hearing

SBST- School Based Support Team


Psychologists: Ms. McDaniel, Margaret Granfors

Social Worker Pre-K

Deborah Burns (T)

Clarence Harris (T,Th), Juana Sosa (Fr)

Family Workers

James Valdes- Field

Joyce Wynn

School Safety,

Officers Bradford and Wharton

Custodial Staff,

Mr. Manny, Custodian

Gilbert, Junior, Ms. Ethel, Shurland