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Principal Odelphia H. Pierre

425 West 130th St New York, NY


The office of school health is staffed by a registered nurse, a devoted nurse for the students of John H. Finley Campus School, school health doctor Dr. Jeffe and PH Assist (Vacant). The mission of the mentioned staff is to promote health and prevent diseases. This mission is achieved by multiple tasks which are designed by NYC Office of School Health. The tasks are screening students for any existing health problem, case finding by reviewing records, interviewing students and parents for early detection of any health problems. In collaboration with school staff every student is immunized against communicable and preventable diseases. As prevention is better than cure several programs are implemented. One of the programs addresses mental health issues STARS, screening at risk students. Another, HOP offers healthy options and physical activity. EWPH, eat well play hard is to encourage healthy habits as early as Pre K. One of the very first successful programs for asthmatic children is called open air way for schools (OAS) . The office of school health is also responsible for medication administration, monitoring diabetic students and taking care of sick and injured children as they may need during the school day. The Office of School Health is located on first floor Room 130.